Are you hesitating about making vacation or travel plans? Is your IBD holding you back?
Maybe it is time to “reboot.” Any successful vacation requires a lot of planning. When health issues loom large, the planning is more involved.However, vacation travel is well within the reach of any patient who is already managing Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis.
Timing is everything in life and in travel. Although you may not be able to predict a flare, vacation travel should be restricted to periods of remission and control of your IBD. Discuss your plans with your healthcare team. They may even recommend updating immunizations.
The “what ifs” will never go away. Remember that the rationale behind the travel insurance business is that the unexpected can happen to anyone. Purchase insurance, if applicable, that
will cover your investment if medical problems arise. It will be well worth the peace of mind.
Getting on with vacation is much like getting on with your life. You need to focus on the factors that matter everyday. Taking medications on time particularly with time zone changing eating safely and nutritiously, hydration, and suffi cient rest are crucial.Travelling successfully requires control over your changing environment. Do not worry about looking like a “control freak.” Do what you have to do to get it right.

Trains, planes, and automobiles

No matter what the distance or mode of transportation, there are common considerations for all travel with IBD:

A medical intervention plan

The plan should include names and contact information for gastroenterologists who treat IBD at the destination. Your medical team can help with the identifi cation of resources. For foreign travelers, the International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers provides lists of Englishspeaking doctors, for a donation. They are at 716-754-4883. Do some research on hospitals as well so you know where you would head in case of an emergency, and check out the location and hours of pharmacies near where you are staying. Pharmacies are a great resource, even more so in other countries.


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